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Knowledge of Math Facts is Essential

Struggling ChildIs your child struggling in math? Are you often hearing him or her say: "It's too hard!" Or, "I can't do this!" Or even, "I hate math!"

Often kids are frustrated because they are stumped by the basic math facts- which is like trying to read if you don't know the alphabet. Math facts are the alphabet of arithematic.

An easy-to-use solution is here. Math-Facts: The Missing Link to Math Excellence is a step-by-step program developed by Doctor of Physics and ex-Chief Scientist of the Office of Aeronautics and Space Technology at NASA Headquarters, Ellis Whiting. He personally went and tested the program at low-scoring elementary schools in Oakland, CA. Nearly all of the students' math scores increased, some classes showing an increase of 21% in their average math test scores. He writes of his experience:


-Ellis Whiting, PhD in Physics

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Smiling GirlThe road to mastery of math facts starts here. It prepares your child for academics, a future career, and life in general. When mathematics becomes a second language for your child, almost instinctual in nature, anything is possible.

Math has shown time and time again to be invaluable for success in many different areas of life: pattern recognition, problem solving, music, the arts, computing, economics, business, and, of course, the sciences and engineering.234 Math Facts: Yipee

But how do you insure that your child is taught math facts properly?

For years, experts have been speaking about the faults of America's math education curriculum, and many have argued about what must be changed in the classroom. However, what is truly missing in the classroom is the vital one-on-one training that helps a child master mathematics.

Math-Facts: The Missing Link to Math Excellence is the perfect step-by-step program for you to sit down with your child and give him or her the attention and practice he or she needs to master math facts- the alphabet of arithematic. Make math fun, and, in turn, make school fun.

A package inludes: A how to booklet, specially organized flash-cards, tracking charts, and reward certificates.

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